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it security analyst

A Security Analyst detects and prevents cyber threats to an organization. That means your job will involve ferreting out weaknesses in your infrastructure (software, hardware, and networks) and finding creative ways to protect your company. In the morning, you might be researching the effectiveness of new security measures. In the afternoon, you might be dealing with an active security threat. In a small organization, you could also be handling Security Administrator tasks.

It can be quite an active & engaging role. Security Analysts often acquire a dizzying array of technical skills and gain plenty of experience in pen testing, intrusion detecting, auditing, and more. Some choose to stay in the job for most of their careers, while others use it as a stepping stone to higher-level opportunities, including top management positions (e.g. CISO).

Security Analyst Job Responsibilities

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A Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineer provides security and data protection solutions to networks of clients and end-users. The individuals research solutions and escalate difficult issues to senior engineers. They will succinctly explain technical solutions to non-technical people. The engineer also assists end users in deploying SonicWall network security products like VPN solutions and Firewalls. They go through the SonicWall cyber threat reports identifying any threats.

These engineers work in several industries, including healthcare and telecommunications. They look into technical issues, file reports concerning problems with products, help clients in finding solutions to problems, deal with orders for customers, and stay abreast with changes to products and all evolving technologies.

Technical support engineers respond promptly to phone calls and emails from customers and address their queries and apprehensions regarding SonicWall’s products and services, besides fixing their technical problems. They also solve issues that the other departments of their organization face.

This position requires an engineer to be accessible round-the-clock through phone, chat or emails. Because of the nature of this job, engineers should have excellent communication skills. They must present themselves as good team players with excellent documentation skills, as they will work with people from different geographies.

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